Las Vegas, NV, USA – May 29, 2017: Athletics Investments LLC has recently announced that it is offering the most advanced entity wagering hedge fund in the sports betting marketplace. The company has also made an announcement that the minimum investment amount has now been reduced to $500 for first-time investors. The new decision made by the American investment company based in Las Vegas will attract many new investors as these short-term investments are intriguing for all types of investors.

“We are proudly welcoming all the new investors in our Hedge Fund for Athletics Investments,” said Alex Sonice, the hedge fund manager and spokesperson for Athletics Investments LLC while introducing the new fund. “With the minimum investment of only $500, this Entity Wagering Fund will encourage several newcomers in the industry and will promote the spirit of Sports Wagering across the United States”, he added. According to Alex, traditional investment options are typically long-term and offer small returns, but these short-term investments are more intriguing for the investors and have the potential for high yields.

“I paid securely through the website and was able to track my transaction with ease,” said one speculating investor in his testimonial regarding his experience with Athletics Investments. “Athletics Investments takes security seriously, and I was able to sign up under 30 minutes securely”, he added. The company has received an overwhelming response. So much so that the developers are constantly updating the site to facilitate the user feedback. Moreover, the Entity Wagering Fund is based on sports wagering that allows millions of fans and investors across the world to invest their funds in building profits over short terms.

Entity sports wagering is a new sport investment product in the State of Nevada that was legalized by the Nevada Legislature and signed into law in June 2015. For the past two years, this investment has increased significantly and has attracted several investors from outside the Silver State. Operating under this state law, Athletics Investments is a registered entity that operates as a traditional mutual fund, pooling investor’s funds into a common hedge fund and investing them in the sports betting marketplace.

“Our promise at Athletics Investments LLC is to provide the most transparent entity wagering hedge fund on the market”, says Alex. The company offers investment services with several features including easy sign up procedure, online notary service, a user-friendly website, well-documented traders, 24/7 customer support, PayPal integration and above all, secure and authentic transactions. Moreover, the company works in strong collaboration with some of the leading wagering professionals as its partners who provide in-depth analysis for every sports wager including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAA, and MMA. The company has plans to include new leagues as time progresses.

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